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US student jumped off cruise ship

US student jumped off cruise ship

A viral video of a teenager who has gone missing appearing to jump overboard from a cruise ship may contain the last words he heard. 18-year-old Cameron Robbins of Louisiana was celebrating his high school graduation on board the cruise ship in the Bahamas when he was filmed going overboard on 24 May.

In the video of the incident, which has been claimed to be a dare, it shows Cameron in the water after witnesses said he jumped overboard into the water at around 9:40pm local time. He was last seen paddling around in the water before disappearing from view, with the boat staying in place for several hours in an attempt to find Robbins. Official search attempts for the 18-year-old were called off on 27 May as the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the US Coast Guard Southeast were unable to locate him in the water.

The video of Cameron in the water has gone viral since his disappearance and some viewers believe they’ve spotted something moving in the water which could be a shark. Whatever happened to Cameron, the former University Laboratory School student has not been seen since his fellow passengers on the cruise ship saw him disappear from view shortly after going overboard. The footage also contains the last words that Cameron may have heard before going missing that night on 24 May.

One person can be heard shouting ‘bye bye’ to the 18-year-old as he’s in the water, as several people on board the cruise ship attempt to get his attention as he swims. Several others could be heard shouting to him that he’s swimming away from a buoy which would have helped keep him afloat in the sea. He then vanished from the view of the panicked onlookers and has not been seen since, with the water he went into described as ‘really shark infested’ by Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commodore Raymond King. Cameron’s family released a statement following the announcement that the search for him had been called off.

They said: “The Bahamas government has called off the rescue for Cameron, and we are returning to Baton Rouge. “We want to thank the Bahamas government, the U.S. Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy and Congressman Garret Graves for everything they have done for us. “In this time of grief, we thank our family, friends and well wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss.”

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