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Grieg Green Acquires Majority Stake in ReFlow: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Maritime Industry

Grieg Green Acquires Majority Stake in ReFlow: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Maritime Industry

Grieg Green Acquires Majority Stake in ReFlow: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Maritime Industry

Norway’s Grieg Green, renowned for its expertise in ship recycling within the Grieg Maritime Group, has recently acquired a majority stake in ReFlow, a Danish specialist in lifecycle emissions analysis. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the maritime industry by combining ReFlow’s cutting-edge digital platform with Grieg Green’s extensive experience in recycling, site auditing, and practical maritime operations.

Background on ReFlow:

ReFlow has developed a digital platform that empowers businesses across the maritime value chain to track and document the carbon footprint of their products. The platform enables stakeholders to make informed, data-driven decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of vessels. From raw material and equipment procurement to design, fuel choices, operations, upgrades, and end-of-life strategies, ReFlow’s platform provides comprehensive insights for greener decision-making.

Objectives of the Partnership:

The collaboration between Grieg Green and ReFlow aims to create new digital services and offer shipowners the necessary information and tools for sustainable decision-making. This includes aspects such as vessel design, decarbonization, optimization, and end-of-life planning. Grieg Green’s managing director, Pia Meling, emphasized the significance of ReFlow’s lifecycle assessments, combined with their own recycling capabilities, as a pivotal factor in establishing the partnership.

Details of the Deal:

Grieg Green has secured a 51% stake in ReFlow through an undisclosed financial investment. As part of the agreement, Pia Meling will assume the role of the new chair, while Vidar Lundberg from Grieg Maritime Group joins the board. Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, ReFlow’s founder and board member, will continue as the CEO. The deal reflects Grieg Green’s commitment to fostering business, competence, and customer synergies, all while advancing their mission of creating sustainable maritime solutions.

Synergies and Expertise Integration:

The collaboration between Grieg Green and ReFlow is poised to create a maritime industry leader in lifecycle data and advisory services. By leveraging ReFlow’s expertise in lifecycle assessments during vessel design, construction, and operational stages, combined with Grieg Green’s proficiency in recycling, site auditing, and practical maritime experience, the partnership is set to deliver unparalleled insights and solutions.

Grieg Green’s Vision for a Sustainable Future:

Pia Meling expressed confidence in the investment, highlighting that it aligns with Grieg Green’s overarching goal of contributing to a better future. The partnership with ReFlow is anticipated to generate significant synergies, pooling together business strengths, competencies, and customer relationships to drive positive change in the maritime sector.

Digital Services Development:

One of the primary outcomes of this collaboration will be the development of new digital services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry. The combined resources of Grieg Green and ReFlow will pave the way for innovative solutions that address challenges related to environmental impact, operational efficiency, and sustainable practices.

Empowering Sustainable Decision-Making:

The core focus of the Grieg Green and ReFlow partnership is to empower shipowners with the necessary information for sustainable decision-making. This encompasses a wide range of considerations, from designing vessels with minimal environmental impact to optimizing operations for fuel efficiency and planning for responsible end-of-life strategies.

Role of ReFlow’s Digital Platform:

ReFlow’s digital platform will play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to document and analyze the carbon footprint of their maritime products. This tool allows for a comprehensive assessment at every stage of a vessel’s lifecycle, providing stakeholders with valuable data to guide eco-friendly choices. The platform aligns with the industry’s growing emphasis on transparency and accountability in environmental practices.

Grieg Green’s Commitment to Sustainability:

As a leader in ship recycling, Grieg Green brings a wealth of experience and commitment to sustainable practices. The acquisition of ReFlow further solidifies their dedication to driving positive change within the maritime industry. By integrating lifecycle assessments and recycling capabilities, Grieg Green is poised to influence decision-makers and stakeholders towards more environmentally conscious choices.

Leadership Dynamics:

With Pia Meling taking on the role of the new chair and Vidar Lundberg joining the board, the leadership dynamics within ReFlow are set for a positive transformation. The combination of Grieg Green’s strategic vision and ReFlow’s innovative solutions is expected to foster a collaborative environment that accelerates the development of sustainable initiatives.

CEO Continuity:

The retention of Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen as CEO ensures continuity and stability within ReFlow. His role as a board member and founder signifies a commitment to maintaining the company’s identity and values even as it enters a new phase of growth with Grieg Green. This seamless transition is essential for the sustained success of the partnership.


Grieg Green’s acquisition of a majority stake in ReFlow marks a significant step towards establishing a maritime industry leader in lifecycle data and advisory services. The collaboration between these two entities brings together a unique blend of expertise in ship recycling, site auditing, and lifecycle emissions analysis. As the partnership unfolds, it is poised to create innovative solutions, empower sustainable decision-making, and contribute to a greener and more responsible future for the maritime sector.

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